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There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get your message heard when nobody is listening…


Yippee, the clocks have changed! We do like our extra hour in bed 🙂 But as quickly as we enjoy that extra hour of light, it’s gone, fading into a distant memory as the impenetrable winter darkness takes hold.

Though not scientifically proven, or not that we know of, the cold dark day’s do provide us with the temptation to shut ourselves away in a semi-hibernation state awaiting the return of the warm summer sun. But that’s a long way off, and your customers need you now…

This is the time your clients need you the most, your motivation, your willpower, and your thriving community spirit. You’re the only thing that stands between a healthy happy client and one that slips into a state of winter hibernation.

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So, how do you reach out to your customers to give them that little extra motivation? Email marketing has always been that go to drive to market your fitness business, but as we all know, creating lengthy emails is not only time-consuming for you, but can be a time-consuming read for your customers. And with the average email marketing open rate hovering at around 17.92%, all your hard work to promote your fitness studio may not be seen.

There is always text marketing to promote your fitness business, it’s short, it’s got a high chance of being seen, and it’s quick to produce. But there is often a cost associated with SMS, this is often around 5p per message when sending bulk messages, which can quickly add up when marketing your fitness studio to all your members.

Say hello to branded Push Notifications

Most fitness business owners don’t have the time to create punchy, eye-catching email campaigns, nor do they want to worry about the cost of creating an SMS campaign.

Most fitness studio owners want to promote their brand quickly and easily, without any restrictive costs. They want their messages to be eye-catching, easy to read, and most of all they want their messages to been seen.

Using your very own Custom Branded App by GO Retrieve you can:

Save yourself time; Create snappy eye-catching Push Notifications that will instantly appear on your customer’s phones. With just one click you can send your personalised Push Notifications to a single customer, a selection of customers, or all your customer’s.

Save your customers time; Your customers have busy schedules, they may not be running a fitness studio, but they do value their time. They will often ignore lengthily emails, but a short simple branded Push Notification from their favourite fitness studio, hey, who can ignore that 🙂

How can Push Notifications help your fitness business?

If you want to keep your customer’s updated, motivated, and walking through your doors, then Push Notifications is your best friend.

Special Offers, Events, and Competitions; Keeping your customer’s interest peaked is only half the battle when it comes to running a successful fitness business. Getting your message in front of your customers wins that battle. Use your Push Notifications to instantly promote your next big event, special offers, or competition results. Simply enter your message and click send, within seconds your fitness studio’s branded Push Notification will appear on every one of your customer’s phones.

Fill those classes; Your Custom Branded App will automatically manage your class waiting lists for you, instantly sending a branded Push Notification to everyone on the waiting list the moment a place becomes available. But what if your class didn’t quite reach capacity, what if you have a few empty places to fill, how can you drum up some interest? I know let’s post on Facebook, but what if they don’t see it? One of the most successful ways to fill empty slots and keep your fitness studio thriving is with a quick Push Notification to grab your customers attention.

Class Cancellations and holidays; The dreaded cancellation, well my fitness friend, dread no more… if you need to cancel a class there’s no need to fumble your way through your contacts list to send a text message to every single class member, or post on Facebook so that your competition can see your problems. Simply select your class to cancel and add a personalised Push Notification message, hit send and within seconds all affected customers will be updated. The same goes for when you need to book a holiday 🙂

The personal touch; We all need that little extra motivation, whether that’s a gentle push in the right direction or a simple ‘well done’, it makes all the difference. With GO Retrieve you can send personalised Push Notifications to individual customers to let them know that you care.

These are just a few of the ways you can use GO Retrieves Push Notifications to promote your fitness studio and keep your brand in front of your customers.

If you want to find out how having your very own Custom Branded App can help your fitness business, give the GO Retrieve team a call on 01803 364040 or use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

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    Custom Branded Mobile App
    Promote your brand with your very own custom-branded mobile app available for IOS and Android. A great way to keep your brand in front of your clients, allowing them to book and pay for all your classes, appointments and workshops.

    Engage and re-engage
    Send automated and targeted push notifications to remind your clients of upcoming classes and events. Re-engage with clients that have stopped booking with personalised “we miss you” messages. And automatically send ‘Happy Birthday’ messages with a free class if you’re feeling generous.

    Secure Payments
    Online booking and secure payments for your classes, appointments, and workshops any time of the day or night. Create recurring memberships, single and multiple class passes with added incentives.

    Keep your classes full
    With online booking and real-time scheduling, your clients can book your classes on the go. And when a class becomes full they can add themselves to your class waiting list. Automatically send Push Notifications when a space becomes available.

    Recurring Payments
    Create unlimited bespoke memberships with class and appointment flexibility. Automatically create recurring payment collections with a click of a button.

    Staff Check-in app
    Provide your staff with their own check-in registers, giving them instant access to client details. View emergency contact details, health information and more.