What is a Sales Funnel?… and how to use them to grow your Fitness Business

Wouldn’t it be awesome to put the growth of your fitness business on autopilot…. attracting and converting new leads into paying members 24-hours a day, 7-days a week?… well now you can…

video transcript…
You may be new to Sales Funnels but Sales Funnels have actually been around for a very long time. In fact, they were first introduced way back in 1898 by a guy called Elias Elmo Lewis. Now Elias came up with a set of principles that meant that every business that wanted to make consistent sales had to go through a number of steps.

And these steps are…

They had to create Attention, Interest, and desire before anyone would take action, and in our case, the action is becoming a new member. And this is what we call a Sales Funnel.

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So how does this work, how can we bring this into our business so that we can have consistent leads that are converting into new sales? Well, the first thing we need to do is to create awareness around our brand, and to do that we just need to actually step back and take 20-minutes to think about our ideal customer.

Now you may already have your ideal customer in mind, but it’s worth taking a bit of time to make sure you have it pinned down to the niche. To help you, you can download our guide to creating your perfect member at the bottom of this page. This will help to guide you through creating your ideal customer, which will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to advertising… make sure to go through the 20-key questions.

So, for the purposes of this example, we’re going to say that we’re a Fitness Studio that helps members go through a body transformation process and our ideal customer is somebody who is going to get married and wants to reach a goal to look good on their wedding day. So, our ideal customer is both male and female, and we need to create a profile for each. For the purpose of this, we’re going to look at Jack.

Now from Jack’s profile, we can see that he’s going to be getting married soon, and he wants to look good for the big day. And one of the things we need to know about Jack is his pain points, as this will help us through the sales process… and we need to know this in Jack’s own words as this will allow us to talk directly to him in every advert that we create.

So, Jack says, and this must be in Jack’s own words, Jack said he’s “feeling a little bit weedy”, he wants to “improve his look”, and “improve his confidence”, and one of the pain points he’s raised is that “he doesn’t look good in a suit”. We can now take this information and create our advert.

Our first step is to create “awareness” of our brand and what we have to offer via our social media platforms. Now, whilst there are lots of social media platforms out there, I’d suggest you just focus your attention on the one or two that you fill most comfortably with, and the one or two where your customers are hanging out.

For this demonstration, we’re going to use Facebook. We’ll create our ad around Jack and we’ll create our ad so that it’ll grab his attention when he’s scrolling through his news feed. And the idea of our ad is to talk directly to Jack in his own words and to highlight his pain points. When Jack sees our ad and clicks on it, he’ll then be taken into our Sales Funnel.

Let’s look at Sales…

For this demonstration let’s keep this really simple and say we’re going to run a series of ads for £200 per week with a cost per click (CPC) of £1. Now, more than likely your CPC will cost you a lot less, but to keep the maths simple we’ll just say it’s £1.

Now Jack comes along, he likes what he sees, he clicks on the advert and he goes through to our first sales funnel page, which is what we call an “opt-in page”. Now on this page, we’re going to give something away for free. The idea of this is if we come back to Elias’s principles, we need to create “interest” in our product or service before somebody will make a purchase.

So, what we’re going to do is build a bit of a rapport and trust with Jack. To do this we’re going to provide him with a free download to help him to get closer to his end goal, which is to look good for his wedding day. We can provide a number of options, for example, we could provide a free online video/webinar, a downloadable pdf guide, let’s say a nutritional guide, or a healthy eating checklist. Now whatever we give him has to be of value to Jack, it has to actually be worth something to him, but it has to be quick and easy to consume.

In this example, we’re going to provide our ideal customer with a free 60-page nutritional guide, which will help them to move closer to their end goal. Now let’s just say that out of those 200 people who clicked through on our ad and came to our ‘opt-in page’, 30% of them go on to give us their name and email address to download our nutritional guide.

That then passes them across to where they can access our download. Now what I’d suggest is that rather than just emailing them their nutritional guide, I’d suggest you send them to a ‘thank-you’ page. The reason for this is, at the top of the page we can acknowledge the download, saying something like “Thank you for downloading our nutritional guide, it’ll be in your email inbox in the next 5-minutes”. We can then add a call to action video to upsell our services and move them on to become a paying member of our Fitness Studio.

At this point we have 60 people coming through to our ‘thank-you’ page (30% of 200) to download our nutritional guide and go on to watch our video. Now in our video, we make an offer, so first of all we acknowledge them downloading our guide. We say something like “Thank you so much for downloading our 60-page nutritional guide, make sure to check out page 24, it’s my favourite recipe… it really gets me going in the morning, it’s packed full of energy”. And then, you go on to make the offer, so for example we could say “If you’d like to take the next step and join our vibrant community, we’d love to see you… and today you can purchase an unlimited membership for only £45 per month, which gives you unlimited access to all of our classes as many times as you want!”. Now let’s just say that out of the 60 people who watched our video, 10% go on to make a purchase of our membership, become a new member, and join our fitness studio.

How does this affect our sales figures and the growth of our fitness studio?…
We have 200 people click through from our advert, out of those 200, 30% go on to download our nutritional guide. From the 60 people that download our guide, 10% (6 people) then go on to purchase our membership, which gives us…

6 people purchasing one £45 per month membership each week = £270 per week, each and every week.

So, over the next 3 months, we can grow our Fitness Studio by…
Month 1 = £1,080p/m
Month 2 = £2,160p/m
Month 3 = £3,240p/m

And this just continues to increase our revenue each and every month.

Now, what happens if we make a change to our figures, let’s just say we increase our ad spend by an additional £100 and now spend £300 per week… we’ll keep everything else the same, which gives us…

300 people click through from our advert, out of those 300, 30% go on to download our nutritional guide. From the 90 people that download our guide, 10% (9 people) then go on to purchase our membership, which gives us…

9 people buying our £45 membership, will now increase our weekly income to £405 per week.

And over the next 3 months, we increase our fitness studio by…
Month 1 = £1,620p/m
Month 2 = £3,240p/m
Month 3 = £4,860p/m

So, by the end of the year, you’re looking at a monthly recurring revenue of £19,440 per month, each and every month.

And all of this just keeps on happening through your Sales Funnel… it’s just like having your very own salesperson working for you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week!

What happens if they don’t purchase our membership?

So, stepping back, what happens if somebody comes through our Sales Funnel but doesn’t actually purchase our membership? We’ll alls not lost… when they downloaded our nutritional guide they gave us their name and email address which is automatically added to our email list. We can then create a series of emails around our campaign that are automatically emailed out to help them further along our Sales Funnel to become a new member. These emails should touch on our target customers pain points (refer to your customer profile) and remind them of why they downloaded our guide and to show them what we can do to help them to reach their goal.

So, what happens if they didn’t download our guide?

Stepping back even further, what happens if somebody clicks on our advert but for some reason, they don’t enter their details? Well, alls not lost… we can actually track their progress through each of our Sales Funnel pages using a tracking pixel, which lets us know exactly how far along the funnel they got.

For example, somebody may land on our ‘opt-in page’ but for some reason they got a little distracted and didn’t actually download our nutritional guide. In this instance, we may want to show them a different advert to add a little more oomph on downloading our guide and moving on to become a new member. We could then show this set of people a slightly different ad that may contain different wording and/or imagery.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what a Sales Funnel is, and the strategies behind implementing them into your fitness business.

With GO Retrieve, you can create your own Sales Funnels quickly and easily, and you don’t have to be technical to do it… it’s all drag-n-drop. Meaning you can drag pictures around, add and change the text to whatever you want, add your downloads, and people can come through and purchase your memberships and then go on to immediately make a booking with you.

If you’d have any questions or would like to find out how you can use Sales Funnels to grow your business then please feel free to contact us on 01803 364040.


How_To_Save_Money_And_Attract_Your_Perfect_Members_In_As_Little_As_Two Weeks

How To Save Money And Attract Your
Perfect Members In As Little As Two Weeks!

Reduce your overheads and increase your members. A step-by-step guide to profiling and targeting the RIGHT type of members, includes 20-key questions you should be asking.

    How_To_Save_Money_And_Attract_Your_Perfect_Members_In_As_Little_As_Two Weeks

    How To Save Money And Attract Your
    Perfect Members In As Little As Two Weeks!

    Reduce your overheads and increase your members. A step-by-step guide to profiling and targeting the RIGHT type of members, includes 20-key questions you should be asking.

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