Sales Funnels For Fitness Entrepreneurs

A sneaky 60-second peek into the new GO Retrieve Sales Funnel Builder

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create the perfect Sales Funnel that would not only attract new members but would also sign them up and allow them to book and buy your memberships?…

As of next month, we’ll be introducing our new drag and drop Sales Funnel builder! This new addition to GO Retrieve puts you in the driving seat and provides you with a powerful tool that’s super easy to use! No more headache’s over trying to build webpages, employing web designers or losing potential members.

Simply drag and drop images, text boxes and forms to create your perfect page. Customise your look and bring your pages to life! Promote and sell your memberships or class passes, and let your new members make their first booking!

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So, if you’ve ever wanted a 24-hour, 7-days a week automated sales system, you’re in luck.

The new Sales Funnel system also integrates directly with Facebook and Google tracking pixels. This keeps your advertising costs down and increases conversion. We’ve also integrated with third-party email systems to give you automated followup capability.

If you’d like to know more about the new GO Retrieve Sales Funnel system and how it can help you, then please feel free to call us on 01803 364040.

The first part of any successful Sales Funnel is to advertise to the right audience. For a step-by-step guide to creating your ideal customer persona, along with 20-key questions, download our guide on How to Save Money and Attract your Perfect Members in as little as Two Weeks.. See download below.

How_To_Save_Money_And_Attract_Your_Perfect_Members_In_As_Little_As_Two Weeks

How To Save Money And Attract Your
Perfect Members In As Little As Two Weeks!

Reduce your overheads and increase your members. A step-by-step guide to profiling and targeting the RIGHT type of members, includes 20-key questions you need to know.

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    It’s time to de-stress, free your time, and go beyond just managing your fitness business, it’s time to build your dream.

    GO Retrieve gives you all the tools you need to promote, manage, and grow your fitness business.

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      Let GO Retrieve help you…

      Custom Branded Mobile App
      Promote your brand with your very own custom-branded mobile app available for IOS and Android. A great way to keep your brand in front of your clients, allowing them to book and pay for all your classes, appointments and workshops.

      Engage and re-engage
      Send automated and targeted push notifications to remind your clients of upcoming classes and events. Re-engage with clients that have stopped booking with personalised “we miss you” messages. And automatically send ‘Happy Birthday’ messages with a free class if you’re feeling generous.

      Secure Payments
      Online booking and secure payments for your classes, appointments, and workshops any time of the day or night. Create recurring memberships, single and multiple class passes with added incentives.

      Keep your classes full
      With online booking and real-time scheduling, your clients can book your classes on the go. And when a class becomes full they can add themselves to your class waiting list. Automatically send Push Notifications when a space becomes available.

      Recurring Payments
      Create unlimited bespoke memberships with class and appointment flexibility. Automatically create recurring payment collections with a click of a button.

      Staff Check-in app
      Provide your staff with their own check-in registers, giving them instant access to client details. View emergency contact details, health information and more.